Noosphere Blues

[ Friday, June 27, 2003 ]

Joho (David Weinberger) blogs Wolfram lecture and conference.
Phil [4:02 PM]

Sarah Lee Strickland makes a thoughtful case in her great Corante blog Connections that Wednesday's two IP-related rulings represent a major inflection point in the culture war debates.
Phil [3:38 PM]

[ Tuesday, June 24, 2003 ]

Don Hazen takes's promising notion of a web-inspired grass-roots people's PAC a step further. (thanks to cursor)
Phil [3:22 PM]

[ Friday, June 20, 2003 ]

In search of short essays that ring true in distilling the emerging tone of the decade's techno-cultural zeitgeist, post-dotcom crash-here are two good finds- assaying a post-PC centrifugal era.

A post-punk appreciation of the abidingly vital influence of free jazz. (thanks to wood s lot)

Thurston Moore's favorite free jazz recordings.

Glad to see Trio celebrating rebel comedy, uncensored.
Gladder to hear of a new underground venue in the lineage of Second City or the Hungry i.
Phil [8:50 AM]

[ Sunday, June 15, 2003 ]

A little catching-up after having been away from the Net awhile (picking up our adopted daughter Nora, born May 30).

Interesting to see the tonal change among the intellectually respectable toward the Iraqi adventure (and by implication a slight momentary loosening of the Emperor's New Clothes/ Being There (pick your favorite parable) media stragiht-jacket). A process well-described by Lew Rockwell. Of course any semblance of common sense will probably evaporate quickly with the next war mobilization.

A few timely expressions of a potential insurgency of the dormant respectable center-

Moyers' feisty speech at TakBack America.
Soros and Glickenhaus, ultra-rich anti-Bush mavericks showing enlightened self-interest lives. seeks to bridge the gap between multi-issue activism and political player-hood launching a grass-roots PAC dedicated to make the web-amplified folk-rocking anti-politics as usual it's been so good at catalyzing a force to reckon with in the electoral arena.

In a moment when moderate liberals seem to be finding a voice, radical Mobius One rightly disses would-be self-profilers in liberal courage (like Howard Dean) for bull-shit sophistry on the issue of ending the drug war. (unfortunately can't find the exact link)

Neal rock n roll literary animal Pollack rants on the re-vamped stealth Rave Act.

Reason's Jacob Sullum published an excellent book attacking upper-middle class upper-middle aged baby boomer pusillanimity and hypocracy on drug war and peace, along with a sane, long overdue moderationsist's philosophical defense of catching buzzes.

Some other good stuff-

Is the Bush administration really the Fourth International in Red, White and Blue drag?
DiRogatis updates and revamps his website.
A blogo-zine devoted to electronic textual revolution.
Richard Kostelanetz publishes a particiant-observer's history of the Soho arts district from the 60s to the 90s. A look at real boho before it became bobo.
Phil [8:50 AM]