Noosphere Blues

[ Friday, September 26, 2003 ]

I'm one left-libertarian type who's an occasional closet fan of The Weekly Standard. Not for its more political stuff, at best entertainingly caustic Machiavellian takes of realpolitick by Caldwell, (if he still writes there?) at (more frequent) worst just stodgily reactionary (and unlike some paleo-pubs uninterestingly so). No, but for some of its excellently quirky back of the book stuff, reviews and personal essays, like Larry Miller's. At the very least you'd have to call him the most literary of America's sit-com actors.
Phil [11:51 AM]

[ Monday, September 22, 2003 ]

As a big fan of his critical biography/history of the Barry Goldwater movement of 1960-1964, it’s good to see Rick Perlstein back in a regular venue and to have a reason to read the Voice regularly again. ( a paper that back in college and just after circa 1979-80-81-82 I sought out as avidly each Wednesday as I had the sports section of the Bergen Record each afternoon back in Bergenfield, NJ when I was 10 or 11) .

One of the pleasures of sitting up trying to calm my infant daughter Nora back to sleep at 3 or 4am is how it prompts the historical imagination of comparative generational experiences. Thinking about analogies showing how her cultural frame of reference might compare to that of a 40-something year old like mine.

The Kennedy Assassination to her will be like World War One to me.
The March on Washington in 1963, like the Seattle General Strike of 1919.
The Beatles like Louis Armstrong’s Hot Sevens
Eminem like Jerry Lee Lewis.
Watergate like the 1929 Stock Market Crash.
The Fall of the Berlin Wall like the end of World War Two.
Elvis like Al Jolson.
Ronald Reagan like FDR.
Bruce Springsteen like Frank Sinatra.
The Original Saturday Night Live Show like The Marx Brothers.
Jack Nicholson like Humphrey Bogart.
Jim Morrison like F.Scott Fitzgerald.
Kurt Cobain like Charlie Parker.
Janis Joplin like Isadora Duncan.
Owsley’s Acid like Absinthe.
Michael Jordan like Joe DiMaggio.

Phil [11:00 AM]

[ Tuesday, September 16, 2003 ]

The (somewhat) downside of the niche (commerical and non) publishing explosion is over-specialization, even (perhaps even more) in the alternative pub scene. So amidst balkanization it's good to see an e-zine so wide-angled and unfashionedly eccentric in its editorial eclecticism as frontwheeldrive.
Phil [3:24 PM]

[ Wednesday, September 03, 2003 ]

Open-Source is obviously too irrestible a meme to leave solely in the hands of software geeks, as Doug Rushkoff's deft adoption of the term for his social-theological speculations in Open-Source Judaism shows. Here's an attempt to more systematically extend and mine the possibilities of GPL. (thanks to Weblogsky)

A typology of philosophical attitudes technology and its relationship to social choice and power. (thanks to Kling)

If the California Recall debacle is good for nothing else (and it isn't), it's inspired one great groovy concept, THE GUNS AND DOPE PARTY, as outlined by its gubernatorial candidate Robert Anton Wilson. R.A.W. for president. (thanks to Jakeneck)
Phil [1:40 PM]