Noosphere Blues

[ Friday, January 30, 2004 ]

David Corn rightly rips Howard D for retreating (futilely) into the cocoon of the old politics.

I've long thought that the interesting thing (as well as real irony) of the Dean campaign was that a candidate so essentially conventional intellectually could engender such radical political innovation. He always struck me more as the Bill Haley rather than Elvis or Chuck Berry of the new political rock n roll. A revolutionary despite himself. Simon Rosenberg at New Democratic Network, a "centrist" new democrat group suggests promisingly that Dean's (and quite as crucially Trippi's) innovations will long outlast the campaign.
Phil [6:24 AM]

[ Thursday, January 22, 2004 ]

At Matt Bargainer revamps Allen Ginsberg's America fifty years later.
Phil [10:56 AM]

Good to see, contrary to rumors, that not all satirists have gone Dennis Miller. And that an earnestly liberal pub like the American Prospect has the wit about it to publish one. One of the best Tony Hendra -he of Spinal Tap, The National Lampoon and much else- who recants before the millenial right-wing inquisition.
Phil [6:35 AM]

[ Wednesday, January 21, 2004 ]

I know the whole idea of labor unions is obsolete-so 1930s, industrial and new deal. You know, now that we've entered a high-tech free market Friedmanite utopia and there's no more exploitation, structural inequality, poverty, eroded living standards, and oligarchy. But fortunately some people haven't been ideologically re-educated yet . Like the SEIU. , which now has a good blog.
Phil [7:04 AM]

Atrios rightly has two worries about Progress media, the best hope in some time for a lib-left alternative in commerical talk radio. One that it's going to front load their line-up with nationally known marquee names who've made their bones in other media be it print or comedy and don't know the radio medium from the ground up the way the right-wing mega-blowhard who defined the format did (by the way here's a clip of Blowhard as a pretty good early 70s jock in Pittsburg). Second is that straining for gentility, it will become basically another NPR, rather than a populist network. Radio junkie that I've been since first tuning into top 40 WABC circa late 60s, I'm looking for as many grass-roots net bred radio as I can, and hope to start linking to a bunch.
Phil [6:37 AM]

[ Monday, January 19, 2004 ]

With a willful (I'd have to say willful-he's too smart to be that ignorant) caricatured distortion of John Dewey's philsophy of education and swipe at the now undeservedly obscure Paul Goodman post-Deweyan ideas, City Journal's Michael Knox Beran tries to kidnap the spirit/work and legacy of Ralph Waldo Emerson (patron saint of radical liberalism and "The Party of Hope" as he called it) for reactionary conservarism. Ballsy, i'll give him that. (thanks to Arts and Letters)
Phil [11:38 AM]

[ Friday, January 16, 2004 ]

Very well-done taxonomy-with double axis chart no less-of the evolving repertoire and current state of the art of net-based activist tools and methods. (thanks to Many to Many)

Phil [9:48 AM]

[ Wednesday, January 14, 2004 ]

Good news. One of America's great (dissident-idealist) communicators morphs his famed Friendz list into an exciting party of a participatory blog.
Phil [6:18 AM]

[ Wednesday, January 07, 2004 ]

It's been a long time since I've read anything much in Spin. But this piece is important, giving a good early inkling about how all the repressive legislation passed by security-mongers REALLY IS being used to chill free speech. (thanks to cursor)

Of course serious investigative muck-raking about the impact of the erosion of the standard of probable cause remains beyond the pale of most respectable journalism. But thank god one old-timer still got his cantankerous edge on.

And good to see one of the most powerful jeremiads yet against the caging of peaceful protest coming from the paleo-right.
Phil [7:55 AM]

[ Monday, January 05, 2004 ]

“Pessimism of the mind, optimism of the will” (quote from one old-school radical) is probably the best way to tread into 2004. A year that portends just to start on a down note a Rove-fest Wizard of Ozzian campaign spectacle of deadening reaction (a referendum on Saddam, sodomy, secularism and evil godless socialized medicine). But enough of that-for now.

Utopian speculations obviously shouldn’t be taken literally. But there are worse ways of kick-starting a more progressive intellectual-political climate.

From England home of the industrial revolution, romantic poets, Luddism, evolutionary biological theory, and notable macro-historical narratives from H.G. Wells to William Morris-among others- a nano-tarian manifesto. And a much-needed call to replace the work ethic with the Play Ethic.

Phil [12:26 PM]