Noosphere Blues

[ Friday, May 28, 2004 ]

It ain't often I feel a need to read every word of a print magazine and make that practically never with a webzine. But neo-files, like mondo 2000 many years ago, is now in that category. #7 here, maybe the best yet, has Clay Shirky, who I know is brilliant but whom i often find kinda convoluted in his own writing/speeches. In the interview he's not only gnomic as ever but concisely crystalline. And Zack Lynch whets my appetite for his forthcoming NeuroAge and for Nootropics as well.
Phil [12:32 PM]

[ Wednesday, May 05, 2004 ]

I'm surprised I'm not surprised that one of the most incisive analyses of the true magnitude and implications of the Iraq debacle comes from the paleo-con corner. Wish the so-called electoral opposition to Cheney-Bush could be as sharp.

I'm surprised The Nation, usually all predictable, suprises, coming up with a fiesty F*CKED By The FCC cover story.

Great new (to me anyway) phrase- Banana Republicans.
Phil [6:39 AM]